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Normandy Park 

Homeowners wanted a Northwest Asian aesthetic,

respecting the mid-century origin and lines of the home.


This mid-century flip home had been changed to a craftsman interior years ago and the desire was to redesign the home to better reflect the original era and lines of a mid-century. 


We used a mixture of stained and natural bamboo as well as

charcoal slate throughout the interiors.

Custom bamboo cabinets bring in a warm tone and bamboo flooring reflects a natural tone. 

The charcoal slate offsets the warm tones with a cool touch of modern. 


Rebuilt fireplace with charcoal colored slate as a focal point.  

Rearranged walls in main floor, reconfiguring space to take advantage of existing sky lights to bring in a flood of natural light. An overall better floor plan creating an open, longer and much more functional space. 

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